Currently seeking literary representation for:

Title: That Age

Genre: Women’s fiction/chick-lit/commercial fiction

Word count: Approximately 98,000 words

Status: Actively querying

Partial query: 

THAT AGE is a 98,000-word, women’s fiction novel combining the stories of three college roommates who decide to move back in together five years after graduation. Between Coryn sleeping around, Laney discovering her sexuality, and Delilah facing postpartum depression, the girls question whether or not to follow the plans they’ve set for themselves or follow fate. They realize a strong friendship, and an even stronger sense of self, is key to pushing through the struggles adulthood throws at them.

Think New Girl meets Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants – there’s some sex, some family drama, some internal discovery, and a whole lot of mojitos.



Self-published novel:

A cancer patient. A pregnant teenager. A self-harmer.

NOON cover.jpg

Three girls. Three stories. One hospital.

NOON is a young adult novel focusing on three very unique stories brought together through unexpected circumstances.

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